Tipping for Success: Secrets for How to Get In and Get Great Service Paperback – May 15, 2001

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In the best selling tradition of DRESS FOR SUCCESS, EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS and Robert Reich's, THE FUTURE OF SUCCESS, now comes Mark Brenner's latest book, TIPPING FOR SUCCESS: SECRETS FOR GETTING IN AND GETTING GREAT SERVICE. This book pulls the curtain back on the proven techniques for getting priority attention. Everyday we are surrounded by situations where the opportunity exists to influence the outcome either positively or negatively through the "art" of tipping. This book is written for those who place a high value on time and convenience. Readers will discover the more important secret; it's not how much to tip, but what to say. Those moments can give you access to people and create "windows of opportunities" that otherwise might not have occurred. The inimitable Larry King who certainly has no problem gaining access anywhere, has endorsed Tipping for Success as a book that can help the average patron. For the average person, as well as the successful business traveler, tipping can often be an awkward and embarrassing production. Mark Brenner discusses the methods and dialogue for getting those last minute restaurant or hotel reservations or simply how to catch a cab on a crowded street during rush hour. I believe this book is a must for every serious business traveler or person who desires both fast and royal service. Perhaps the most overlooked working professional when it comes to tipping (other than special holidays) are the receptionists, secretaries, assistants and the like who are really the gatekeepers that schedule so many of our important appointments. When you're in need of a last-minute appointment, the way you responded last time and how you expressed your appreciation (or not) will long be remembered. Tipping for Success provides you with that critical edge.

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