"Reset: The Playbook To Transform ALL Parenting Relationships Kindle Edition

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In every parent-child relationship, we find ourselves saying, Can we start over again? We need a reset. When we reach those conflict points, we often think, I wish there was a playbook of what to do? When we don t know how to master a moment, we can t master a relationship. RESET is the most successful parenting playbook based on five rules that delivers a powerful and permanent antidote to strengthen or repair all parenting relationships. It doesn t matter what difficulties or stage of life your child or teenager is going through. The playbook is indigenous to intact families, step-families, blended-families, single-parents, adoptive-families, or any other loving combina- tion. As a result, children will acquire five vital life-skills: Empathy, Self-Worth, Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Self-Confidence. RESET is an evolutionary parenting approach that requires wearing three different hats: One as the head coach, modeling unity, values and optimism; one as the the sports announcer giving a play-by-play description of what s happening in the moment; and one as the ref, making the call out-loud and saying the real truth when conflict arises. It is rooted in one unalterable axiom: When you change your response, you change your child s behavior. Want another reason to follow this playbook? Your child won t marry the wrong person. Why? Because they will have experienced what a satisfying and natural relationship really feels like. Now that s a playbook worth following!

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